Amazing Collection of Diamond Jewellery

An eclectic collection

Carat Pearl has exclusively designed the collection section for those who like to style themselves in new, classy ways. Every piece of jewellery is thoughtfully designed in this section. To bring an air of effortless charm to your casual as well as party looks, Carat Pearl’s assortment of finest diamond jewellery will cater you perfectly.

We have breathtakingly beautiful designs in our three uniquely themed collections. The Valentines range offers a magnificent array of heart-shaped jewellery. In our Gemstone range, you will find a flawless mix of fine quality stones in royal designs. Whereas, the Forest range has been delicately made to bring you closer to the soothing vibes of our beautiful nature.

Valentines : The lovely feeling of love

This is an absolutely unique collection assorted together by Carat Pearl, especially for you. In our valentines range, we offer an array of heart shaped jewellery pieces in unbeatable designs. Each of these jewellery pieces has been inspired by the never-ending feeling of pure love. That is why every valentine jewellery casts a forever-beautiful vibe.

You will find diamond earrings in alluring designs with a fusion of heart shape in an eclectic manner. The pendants present in this collection vary from two hearts design to a classy key shaped one. Each of the valentines rings carry a distinct romantic touch.

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