Forest Jewellery Collection Online at Best Price

Interesting flora and fauna inspired jewellery gives the wearer a distinctive look. It carries with it a sense of freshness which no other jewellery can offer. At Carat Pearl- your online original diamond jewellery portal- we have come up with a wide range of Forest Jewellery. It is basically jewellery collection inspired from the forest theme- that is, rich flora and fauna become the base of this jewellery. Be it earrings or pendants, we get you the best forest jewellery collection online. This diamond jewellery is sure to help you stand apart from the crowd.

If you wish to have some forest inspired jewellery for your ears, Carat Pearl has got an extensive selection of forest diamond earrings for you. The Midnight Blue Diamond Earrings are certainly a beautiful pair of earrings for the soft and feminine you. Shaped like a crawling being, this pair boasts of 22 diamonds and midnight blue coloured gemstones. Next we have The Cadet Blue Diamond Earrings that are inspired from the marine life. These fish shaped earrings have a very interesting design and comes to life with well placed diamonds and gemstones. Another popular pair of earrings from the forest diamond collection by Carat Pearl is The Cosima Diamond Earrings. These bird shape earrings look really royal from every angle. The finesse of the pair can be seen in the curve designing and the way diamonds and gemstones are placed in. This is certainly for people with an eye for art.

Next, for people on the look-out for forest designing inspired pendants, here are some popular options that will help you zero in on your search. The Dark Orchid Diamond Pendant, for example, is a butterfly inspired feminine pendant. The finesse of the wings with well placed diamonds gives the pendant a look of brilliance. The Olga Diamond Pendant is yet another piece of beauty from the house of Carat Pearl. On a pear shaped base of gold and diamond rest two butterflies giving the pendant a unique lease of life. This alluring and charismatic pendant can be worn on an everyday basis. The Vince Diamond Pendant, on the other hand, draws its inspiration from the flora around us. It is a beautiful, four petal shaped flower carved out in yellow gold. The diamond filling in just one of these four petals renders the pendant a modern touch.

The list does not end here when it comes to forest diamond jewellery at Carat Pearl. This special jewellery collection is curated keeping in mind the ever changing designs and aspirations of fashion forward people of the day. At Carat Pearl, you get not just amazing designs and brilliant craftsmanship, but also quality assurance certificate of any jewellery that you buy plus a lot more other exciting benefits.