History of wearing Bracelets to look attractive

From ancient time, people began to wear bracelet. It is circle jewellery worn on the wrists. Most bracelets are generally made of crystal, gold, silver, and jade. Now some producers use vines of plants to weave bracelets. The unique and fancy products give customers a fresh feeling. When you wear them, you seem to go into a simple and true nature.

According to historical records, both men and women wore a Bracelet in ancient time. It was a symbol of married women. It also symbolized the status and labour of men. In addition, people think that wearing Elegant Bracelets can drive away all evil and bring good luck. Now, the bracelets are dividing into male and female. The male Bracelet is becoming a fashion. In China, few men like to wear bracelets. Originally people prefer the silver bracelet. Because of the popularity of gold, more people love gold bracelets gradually.

The bracelet it is very suitable for the women with long and thin arms. For those women with plump arms and wrists, the bracelet cannot bring them a beauty of decoration. Do you know how to wear it properly? Here we teach you few simple and helpful ways. When you wear bracelets, you can wear several bracelets together.

If you only wear one, you should wear it on the left hand. If you wear two, you had better wear them on the left hand together. If you wear three, you should not wear one on the left hand and the other two on the right hand. In addition, when you wear a bracelet and a ring together, you should consider the match of style, material and colour. If you wear the bracelet for the first time, you should choose it according to the size of wrist. If you wear a jade bracelet, you should keep it carefully in case it is broken.

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