Both gold and silver jewelry are made based on these metals in their pure state. In the case of gold, this part of the 24-carat gold, which the jewelries must buy from legal refineries to verify that it is really this kiltie and verify that it is not mixed with other metals.

On the basis of 24-karat gold, the 18-karat jewel is made, when alloying with other metals occurs. In the case of silver, the same thing happens: the jewel is made based on pure 999 silver, which then, thanks to the alloy with other metals, usually copper, turns into 925 silver, which is the one used in jewelry.

Hence before buy your jeweler like Silver Earrings it is must to know that your jeweler is real or not


The most effective way to demonstrate that these are Silver Bracelet authentic pieces is the laboratory test. The jewelries must make pass their rough pieces by this examination.

However, very few do: the importance of buying in a reliable jewelry is born, to deliver a ballot that indicates in it that the test has been done in a certified laboratory.

Some years ago there was an initiative to put a certification seal on gold and silver jewelry like on Silver Bangle as well as in European countries. However, this was only good intentions.


Another method, widely used in pawnshops, is the reagent test. It is a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, which on contact with the metal alters it if it is a forgery. In the case of the adulterated gold jewel, it turns orange, when it should stay the same color, while in the case of fake silver, it becomes a greenish color, Rey says.


The magnet test consists of passing this over the jewel. If this is fantasy, the jewel should be attracted because of the high concentration of common metal above the precious metal. However, there have been cases in which jewelry that have a minimum percentage of gold and silver have passed this test because they have been chemically maneuvered to remove the magnetic element.

On the other hand, by means of the density test, a heavier bead should correspond to a real jewel, however new techniques are allowing the production of totally genuine jewels with a minimum weight. So this test may not be safe.


The best way to realize that our piece contains the exact amount of gold and silver is for the price.

If it is gold jewelry of lower kiltie, the price will be reduced. Thus, some 14k earrings will be between 28 and 30% less than those of 18k and about 10k, they could cost half that of 18k earrings. If you are offered a gem at a low price it may not be real.

So if you are going to buy Silver Choker then make sure that you are buying original piece because you are spending your hard earned money on jeweler.