Mother’s day is around the corner and knowing that all of us are a bunch of procrastinators, CaratPearl has come up with ideas for jewelry that you can gift your mother with:

Kindred Diamond Bracelet

Your mother spent her life looking after you, cooking, washing your clothes, putting up with your tantrums and pampered you when you were upset. All of this must have been tough on her hands, making them rough. What better way would be to respect her than by adorning her hands by a bracelet? She can slip this Kindred Diamond Bracelet on and use it for special occasions or for daily wear if she wants. It would look exquisite on her slender wrists and would make other mothers envious!

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Huggable Diamond Earring

Hug your mother tight and gift her these classy earrings! Let her gracefulness be accentuated by these elegant diamond pieces. Earrings are the most noticeable accessories and bring out one’s beauty. Make your mother feel special and gift her these. She’ll be flaunting these in all the parties now.

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The Dhameer Heart Pendant

This pendant is just ‘heart’ to miss out! This pendant would symbolize the unbreakable bond you and your mother share in an intricate way. Adorn her placing this on her neck and make her the happiest mother on earth.

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The Aquamarine Diamond Earrings

Do you feel that diamond is too mundane and clichéd? Add a gemstone to it and bling it up! Your mother doesn’t need a conventional gift for this special day. Give her something unique and quirky to match her unconventional personality.

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Note: The above images is used purely for the purpose of the informative reference and no model, celebrity is not related to the Caratpearl branding.