Earrings can accentuate the look of any attire in an effortless way. To beautify any appearance, make sure that your earrings go perfectly with your hairstyle. To help you style in utmost elan, we have curated a list of earrings which will seamlessly go with every hairstyle. Have a look:

  1. When wearing your hair down – One of the classist ways to dress up is by wearing your long hair down. But, loose hair often becomes tangled if danglers are worn, so it’s best to wear clusters or ear cuffs. This ensures that your classy look is maintained with a pair of beautiful and bold earrings.
  2. When styling a sleek bun – An elegantly tied-up bun is bound to infuse an air of charm to any attire. To ooze up the look, opt for delicate drop down earrings of any size or shape. Choosing large-sized hoops is also an excellent choice. This look will work wonders for any face shape.
  3. When sporting a simple ponytail or braid – Ponytails and braids carry a relaxed vibe, to keep the vibe of the hairstyle maintained, we suggest you to opt for minimalistic teardrop earrings for casual appearances and subtle chandeliers for formal outings.  This complete look will make any face shape appear elongated.
  4. For half-up hairstyles – Half-up half-down hairstyles are enough on their own to make a stylish appearance. So, it’s suggested to compliment them with a pair of simple yet exquisite studs to keep the look sassy.
  5. For those who have short hair – If you have short hair then it’s essential that you avoid big, bulky and overwhelming earrings. Your earrings should provide a flawless balance to your haircut. Opting for studs and hoops will enhance any of your looks with utmost panache.

Now that you know which earrings will work best with your favourite hair-dos, we suggest you to grab all of the sassy pairs of earrings soon to accentuate your varied looks. 

Note: The above images is used purely for the purpose of the informative reference and no model, celebrity is not related to the Caratpearl branding.