Gemstone Jewellery Collection Online at Best Price

Gemstone jewellery carries with it a magical charm, something that cannot be defined in words. In Indian astrology, gemstones have been related to the position of planets and are considered as our lucky charms. In jewellery context too, gemstones have garnered a special place because of the royalty and elegance attached to them. To explore gemstone jewellery collection online, you have got Carat Pearl- your online portal for original jewellery. We have got an entire range of jewellery dedicated to beautiful and versatile gemstones like rubies and pearls et al. This gemstone collection is sure to blow your mind, with amazing designs and ravishing finishes.

To start with, we have got a wide range of earrings boasting of diamonds and beautiful gemstones like The Indigo Diamond Earrings. These earrings are basically studs you could wear as casual piece of jewellery. The pear shaped earrings boast of two diamond strips with a total of 30 round shaped diamonds on them plus blue topaz that catches the attention of one and all. Then you have The Medium Aqua Green Diamond Earrings that boast of a triangular shape beneath a small triangle. The round shape diamonds get a distinctive look with the help of emerald on the earrings. This green gemstone can be paired with a lot of outfits- not just in green- but in a lot of colours too.

If you are more into pendants and want to add a gemstone pendant to your jewellery collection, the designs at Carat Pearl won't disappoint you for sure. The Heather Diamond Pendant is a ruby laden pendant. The charming traditional motif of this pendant beautifully wraps the 15 round shape diamonds plus an oval shape ruby inside to close on a beautiful note. This pendant can sure be worn with just about any outfit and at any occasion. Rubies are quite a versatile gemstone and this is why you do not need to give second thoughts about wearing them. Then The Rose Diamond Pendant by Carat Pearl is yet another design that you will fall in love with instantly. This pendant is shaped like a rose bud, where the round shape diamonds plus the admirable blue gemstone add a magical effect with their presence.

At Carat Pearl, we strive to give you the best designs carved using original products. On shopping with Carat Pearl, you get to avail a lot of benefits ranging from free shipping and cash on delivery to life time exchange on jewellery plus no-questions-asked refunds. Not just this, to ensure you have no second thoughts buying original jewellery online, we also provide you with quality assurance certificate with every piece of jewellery that you buy. Be it gold jewellery or diamond jewellery or gemstone jewellery, Carat Pearl gives you the best.