With the passage of time, the importance and values attached to jewellery have changed. Jewellery now is worn not as a symbol of something related to culture but as a symbol of fashion and dressing sense. It is now worn both by men and women to accentuate their overall dressing. Earlier gold and silver were two preferred metals for jewellery but now things have changed. Gemstone and diamond have become very popular with people as they look really royal and elegant. They give the jewellery an all new dimension. If you wish to explore the range of gemstone pendants and diamond pendants, Carat Pearl is your help at hand. You could buy from a huge range of diamond and gemstone laden pendants from this online portal known for its original jewellery.

To help you decipher your choices, here is a description of some of our best pieces. Going through the description will surely help you zero in on the piece that should become the part of your jewellery collection. The Elegant Diamond Pendant is a beautiful pendant with 29 diamonds surrounding an eye-catchy blue topaz. The flower shape on the top gives life to blue topaz. The filigree pattern over the base designing looks classy. The Preference Diamond Pendant is a Ruby based pendant. The beautiful pattern gets a dazzling effect with 13 round shaped diamonds and the queen-of-gemstones - a pear shaped Ruby. The best thing about rubies is that they do not need to be colour-co ordinated as they can be easily worn with traditional as well as western outfits of any colour.

If the versatility of Rubies entices you, then you also got something modern like The Chestnut Diamond Pendant. This bouquet type pendant is made with utter finesse. A total of 12 round shape diamonds plus an octagon shape Ruby bring the touch of royalty to this yellow gold pendant. It can very well be carried with western as well traditional outfits. Then comes The Repose Diamond Pendant. Diamonds and a green gemstone give this pendant a unique touch. The Reborn Diamond Pendant is a classy piece with the blue gemstone catching the fancy of one's eye. Then we have the most popular trumpet shaped The Crimson Diamond Pendant. The criss-cross over the trumpet shape leads to 3 pear shaped rubies. 21 diamonds are set using Plate Prong onto the pendant.

If you don't want to go the contemporary way and settle with only gold and diamond, gemstone jewellery is the way to go. The beautiful colours and sizes of these gemstones is what brings life to your jewellery collection. Buy gemstone jewellery like gemstone diamond pendants from Carat Pearl and flaunt your sense of style effortlessly.