cross pendent

Pendants have always been considered an integral part of one's jewellery collection. Available in a huge range of designs, colours, patterns, and sizes, pendants at Carat Pearl are simply irresistible. Cross pendants are a symbol of faith in Christianity but these days many people can be seen sporting them, pinned either to their pendants or to their bracelets, or to earrings or to rings etc. They have become more of a fashion statement. If you would also love to experiment with the ongoing trend and want to explore diamond cross pendants, you are at the right place. At Carat Pearl, we have got with us a wide range of Jesus cross pendants in beautiful designs. These will certainly help you add another facet to your charming persona.

The Healer Cross Pendant is a very finely designed pendant, covered in diamonds all over. This unique piece of jewellery can be worn on an everyday basis and is sure a head turner. The Yahweh Cross Pendant is also made on the same lines as The Healer Cross Pendant, just that it is thicker than it and diamonds are on the outline. This sure is a royal piece of jewellery you need to have in your jewellery box. If you wish to go minimal without having to compromise on the royal touch, then The Christ Cross Pendant is certainly for you. This is a thick cross made of yellow gold. The floral piece in the center, with nothing but just a diamond, catches the fancy. It is that one piece that can make many a head turn in awe.

For the ones who wish to add a Cross Pendant just for the sake of fashion and can go trendy on the same, here are a couple pendants you will surely love to buy. The Jehova Rapha Diamond Cross Pendant boasts of a solitaire right in the center and looks really trendy. You can carry this off with elan with any western wear or comfort wear you wish to. It is light in weight and can be worn on a daily basis. The Elohim Cross Pendant is yet another piece of jewellery you would not want to miss out on. This piece has got curves and is very modern looking. You can carry it off with anything western. The diamonds cover the lower part of the cross, so the minimalist beauty of the piece does not get lost in the designing.

At Carat Pearl, there is a huge cariety of diamond pendants like Cross pendants and much more. The jewellery designs are such that you would want to buy them all. Our original products come with a lot of benefits like quality assurance certificate at al.