Casual Rings

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A ring is more than just a piece of jewellery. It is a fashion statement that brings life to fingers. Both men and women can sport a ring or two elegantly. Since casual rings do not cost a bomb, you can buy them in various designs, ranging from a traditional design to a modern design, as well as a fusion design. To buy casual rings online, you can visit Carat Pearl. We have got with us a huge range of casual diamond rings at best prices that look classy on the wearer.

The Fling Casual Diamond Ring is a traditionally set ring with floral motifs. The 15 round shape diamonds are set in Plate Prong setting over 18 K yellow gold. Though floral inspiration is nothing new but the designing of this ring is certainly like a fresh take on jewellery. The Meraki Diamond Ringis a popular traditional ring by Carat Pearl. 8 round shaped diamonds plus a pear shaped ruby, what else could one look forward to?

In the modern times, minimal is the new trend. This effect of minimalism can well be seen in the designing of casual rings too. The Gigil Diamond Ring is the best diamond ring you could buy online in India. It is simply a yellow gold band with a knot of 15 diamonds atop. Another popular modern casual rings design is The Oadal Diamond Ring. It is a curvy design boasting of round shaped diamonds.

For fusion wear too, there is an endless variety. The Fusion Diamond Ring- named so- is an elegant piece of jewellery you could wear in your day to day life. Set in 18 K yellow gold with 17 diamonds, the ring depicts beauty and elegance galore. The Fave Diamond Ring is yet another fusion casual ring you could get for your beloved. The top notch of yellow gold above a whopping 59 diamonds' band is certainly worth keeps.

So if you wish to surprise the girl of your life, going the casual diamond ring way is the best way. To buy Casual Diamond Rings in India, at best ever price, you always have Carat Pearl by your side.