Engagement Rings

  1. SolitaireRing
    This beautiful solitaire ring with 10 diamonds 5 on respective sides in white gold with a 4 prong setting is a ready to wear engagement ring for that special one who u love. This is also available in rose gold and yellow gold. This dynamic ring has a solitaire, which weighs 5.6mm, and the other diamonds vary up to 2.0-2.4. This can be the best to make that special someone wear. Learn More
  2. The Green princess cut with small diamonds
    Sparkling and Glittering, this princess shape Green Emerald gemstone and diamond ring makes a statement with an extraordinary 1.78 carat surrounded by over a carat of brilliant round diamonds set in 14k & 18k white gold. Learn More
  3. Feminine Ring
    A center diamond surrounded by two rows of dazzling gives the Fire diamonds creates a Statement twist to the classic Diamond Engagement Ring. The four prongs are embellished with perfectly cut diamonds creating a big sparkle look that's perfect for any woman who wants to stand out. Learn More
  4. Sometime simplicity matters with traditional look
    Sometime simplicity matters with the Traditional look because Elegance in its simplicity, this petite solitaire crafted in White Gold is a beautifully classic frame for your choice of center diamond. Show her your love is true with this delightful white gold Engagement ring. Simply set with a single round brilliant diamond, this classic ring will be cherished. Learn More
  5. The Larger look
    This large look ½ carat Center diamond with white gold Engagement ring makes a confident in all the events because this is our most popular design ever which is affordable in every class and gives you the result of Richness. Learn More
  6. The crown of your King
    This The crown of your King beautiful solitaire engagement ring gives you the Joy with this forever mesmerizing cutest simple design, characterized by its fashionable & simple plane sides. The dazzling design on Fire diamond has a true center stage in this forever designs, giving your ring big sparkle and smile. Learn More
  7. The Gold round soliatire ring
    Exclusive on CaratPearl, Celebrate your love in style with this gorgeous Engagement ring for everyday wear. 1/4-carat total weight diamond engagement ring. Designed in white gold, the ring features a round brilliant center this highly detailed ring will sparkle and shine for a lifetime. Learn More
  8. The Sleek Setting

    Regular Price: ₹135,153.00

    Special Price ₹114,880.05

    Capture her beauty in diamonds with this gorgeous Alluring Diamond ring, Sixty-Seven sparkling diamonds accentuate this Lavish Diamond Engagement ring. A common plate prong with a total weight of 1 carat secures the diamonds. Learn More
  9. The round brilliant Solitaire ring

    Regular Price: ₹101,414.00

    Special Price ₹96,343.30

    This stunning Engagement Ring features half-carat solitaire Ideal Cut diamonds for maximum richness set in a low profile setting that is comfortable for everyday wear. Each ring is accompanied by a International reputed Laboratory report. Learn More
  10. Scintillation of each diamonds speaks

    Regular Price: ₹125,681.00

    Special Price ₹106,828.85

    This delicate Rich Design holds a Royal Dream (Half Carat Solitaire) center diamond and have a 19 side diamonds will melt your heart to have this beautiful diamond Engagement Ring. This setting has an absolutely flawless design with intricate details to create a more refined and feminine look. Learn More

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The exchange of engagement rings is not a mere exchange of bands made of metal and rock, but a silent promise of a life-long committment. Since it is not a mere fashion accessory that can be changed as and when you want to, the designs that you choose should be classy and evergreen. For the best ever designs that come with a purity mark, you have got Carat Pearl, a portal that helps you buy engagement rings online.

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Gold engagement rings are not much in demand these days. They have been replaced by ever elegant diamond engagement rings. Diamond rings have their own point of attraction and they lend the wearer an extra-ordinary touch. Diamonds, they say, are forever- just like your relationship as husband and wife. To buy diamond engagement rings online in India, you have your very own Carat Pearl. From Vintage to Three Rock, from Halo to Accent, and from Gemstone to Solitaire, we have got with us a huge range of diamond rings.

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Diamond couple rings are in vogue these days. Unlike olden times when parents used to have a say in picking up rings for the partners-to-be, the trend is now changing, for good. The couples themselves take the lead when it comes to choosing engagement rings. Hence, engagement rings that complement each other have become really popular. The designing is such that both the rings- one for the man and other for his lady- fit well with each other. Diamond couple rings for engagement can be bought from Carat Pearl. We have got a huge collection of couple diamond rings set in 14 K as well as 18 K gold options.

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