Eternity Band

Eternity Band Online in India

Though basically a trend of the west, band rings have become really popular as engagement rings in India. In the western countries, a proposal band- an engagement ring- is different from a wedding ring where the man gifts the lady an engagement band when he proposes marriage to her. But with times, engagement bands and wedding rings have been used interchangeably as terms. In India, eternity bands have become really popular and have become the first choice of many to use as wedding rings.

Eternity band is basically a band boasting of diamonds in a very minimalist setting. The diamonds are placed inside the band in such a way that nothing seems to look over-the-board. If you wish to explore more aboutEternity band online in India, Carat Pearl is your go-to online portal. Here, you could buy eternity band at best price and best design guaranteed.

The Show Eternity Band by Carat Pearl is made of white gold. This thin band consists of 21 round shape diamonds and is sure to give your fingers a noticeable change. The Round Eternity Band is another Carat Pearl creation you would like to buy for yourself or for your lady-love if you want something with solitaire diamond finish. Each of the 11 diamonds on this ring is covered in white gold in a way that it represents solitaire diamonds.

The Cent Eternity Band is a slightly heavy band with a unique designing. It can be effortlessly carried by men as well as women. The band consists of 19 round shaped diamonds placed over white gold using Plate Prong setting. The Square Eternity Band is for the modern You. It is a thick band the designing of which will make you fall in love with it in an instant. The rectangular cuts where the diamonds are placed are very clean which lend the band its finesse. A total of 9 round shaped diamonds is placed in 3 rectangles across the band.

If you wish to propose marriage to your darling sweetheart, choosing the eternity band ring before you head for her is the best thing you would do. If in case you wish to choose this as the wedding ring, you can surprise your special someone with any of the unique band designs available at Carat Pearl. There is simply no dearth of diamond rings and eternity band rings at Carat Pearl. In a very short span of time, we have become synonymous with originality, assurance, and after sale services. You can rely on us for the memorable moments of your life like your engagement ceremony. The designs are such that you will see people around you drooling over them.