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For people who use their dressing sense as a medium of expression, jewellery sure plays a vital role in defining what they wish to state. Jewellery adds another facet to everyday wear as well as party-wear. For women specially, the importance of gold or diamond jewellery cannot be denied. Be it their bangles or a bracelet across the wrist, or a ring or engagement band resting on the finger, or a pendant hanging round the neck, all pieces of jewellery help define her persona even better, adding dramatic effect to her personality on the go. At Carat Pearl, we understand the importance of special diamond jewellery you have in your life. With us, you can shop for special jewellery online at best prices.

Under special diamond jewellery online, we at Carat Pearl have a wide range of tanmaniya and bracelets carved in alluring patterns and designs. The Bow Tanmaniya is a nice tanmaniya inspired by the musical motifs. This piece with 24 diamonds and yellow gold base can be worn on an everyday basis. The Rwah Tanmaniya is yet another alluring piece with minimal yet significant designing. This is a perfect piece of jewellery for women who want to keep it simple and basic. Justajoo Tanmaniya, on the other hand, is for ones who like it grand and royal. It is carved in beautiful floral shape. 27 round shape diamonds give it a look and feel of royalty. Coloured gemstone just at the end adds to the drama this tanmaniya creates. This is sure a must have if you wear traditional outfits majorly.

Then we also have amazing bracelets that will steal your heart away. The Gorgeous Diamond Bracelet is by far one of the most delicate yet amazing piece of jewellery we have. It is carved out from white gold and boasts of a beautiful pattern laden with dazzling diamonds all over. This is a fine example of vintage meeting the modern. Perfect for every party you are headed for. Wise Diamond Bracelet is a subtly designed bracelet inspired from musical notes, which is sure to carry you to a world of rhythm and lushness. Its glow and sheen is something that will land you in a pool of compliments. Made of yellow and white gold, this piece consists of 60 round shape diamonds. Angel Diamond Bracelet is a designer bracelet made of yellow gold. The leaf pattern on to bracelet gives it a feminine and delicate touch.

When you shop from Carat Pearl, you can stay assured about the wuality as our products carry with them certificate of originality. Our testimonials are another proof that all you get at Carat Pearl is fine by all aspects and is meant, rightly for You!