Tanmaniya is basically an elegant necklace every girl must possess. It is the poise this piece of jewellery offers that makes it different from other common necklaces available. Apart from the designing, it is their versatility that makes them all the more popular with the ladies belonging to various age groups. They can be worn on a cocktail dress as well as on a saree and still look as beautiful as ever. They add depth to the wearer's personality. Gold and diamond tanmaniya jewellery can be bought online at Carat Pearl. This special diamond jewellery can also be gifted to a loved one.

To give a complete look, you can wear the tanmaniya along with diamond earrings and a bracelet before heading for a party. For the ones who like it subtle, we have designed some really minimal tanmaniyas. On the other hand, if you like it big and grand, you have got no shortage of designer tanmaniya as Carat Pearl. Be it contemporary or traditional, or a fusion of both, we have a wide range of tanmaniya jewellery online.

The Commitment Tanmaniya at Carat Pearl is a beautiful tanmaniya you could gift to your wife on her birthday or your marriage anniversary as a silent promise of always being there by her side. The golden curves of the piece render a unique touch to the diamond tanmaniya. 32 round shape diamonds are sure to give the wearer a feeling of grandeur and opulence. An Espouse Tanmaniya is another subtly designed tanmaniya with an oval shape over a strip of diamonds. This is very light in weight and can be worn on a daily basis. While heading out to a party, you can simply match it with earrings and head out.

The Charmer Tanmaniya, as the name suggests, is designed so as to charm the onlookers. The traditional motifs with 23 round shape diamonds set using Plate Prong technology over 18 Kt yellow gold come out lively and are sure to turn many a head. Doer tanmaniya, on the other hand, is subtle yet significant. Though the designing is minimal, the use of dual tone of gold gives the tanmaniya a modern touch. Inspired from musical notes, this 24 round shape diamond tanmaniya is a pretty surprise for the pretty one in your life. It can be worn alone over a party dress for a dramatic and complete look.

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