Love brooch



“Our Story”

Carat Pearl presents you a beautiful way to express your love.  With our “Love Brooch”, you and your better half can show this special bond you share with the world in an absolutely unique style. It’s almost as if saying that He is the king of my heart or She is my eternal queen. Our brooches will be designed personally for you and your love to rejoice the exceptional bond both of you share. 

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collection“Royal Queen”

This Exclusive Diamond Love Brooch with real 73 diamonds and made of golden emotions along with your partner name

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collection“Crown Princess ”

You are absolutely right to wear this Love Brooch which sure to turn heads with eye-catching crafted piece with a glittering diamond.

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collection“Admire Brooch”

The Caring theme of the brooch gives a precious style statement, cares and appreciations. People who show his love to their partner greatly are the GREATEST OF person.

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collection“Noble Brooch”

A Stylish Noble love brooch designed to be worn on its own with the combination of our other amazing caratpearl’s jewellery, A well-made design shows your personality amazingly.

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collection“Praise Brooch”

With the Love Brooch is the way where you can express you feeling, Love, Respect to your better half.

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collection“Cherish Love”

With This Cherish Love brooch, she will be over come with tears of Joy when you secure her head on your shoulder

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collection“Love Diamond”

A modern and original way of asserting a deep-felt attachment and perfect companionship. inspired brooch is the perfect symbol of love b/w a guy and a Girl

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collection“Imperial Brooch”

Turning freely on itself, the top of the Brooch’s is set with Single diamonds giving a perfectly elegant roundness it gives off its entire positive attitude.

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collection“Kingly Brooch”

Appreciate what you have, before it turns into what you had, just for you here we tried our craftiness to create this wonderful design of Love Brooch

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collection“Honour Brooch”

Little way to show your love – Every Moments Every where because A real person is not simple full of sweet talk just prove to his/her that how special you are.

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“ Our Brooch Story ”

The essence of love is breath-taking, so it’s natural to be unable to express it in words. But, don’t you feel on top of the world when your partner shows their love for you in new, cute ways? With the same intention in mind, our “Love Brooch” is crafted. A stunning queen’s crown for Him, pinned impeccably with your lady’s name on it and a charming king’s crown for Her, along with your man’s name pinned remarkably to it. Isn’t this the sweetest way to symbolise your love?

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